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This website was conceived as a tribute to the art of DOLORES PÉREZ.  It is non-lucrative and it is a personal endeavor and a work of love, for, as a child, I came across her recordings of Maria La O, Rosa La China, and El Cafetal, and fell in love with her voice and her dramatic flair.  Also, as a Cuban, I think we all owe her a debt of gratitude for so vividly bringing these  heroines to life and preserving for posterity the work of the greatest composer our country ever produced: Ernesto Lecuona.

As I was growing up in Miami and began to explore her discography, I became very frustrated at the lack of information available on DOLORES PÉREZ.  What was accessible to me, mainly her Montilla recordings, was a source of disappointment and exasperation, as these LP's were no frills deals with little or no liner notes, no biographical information whatsoever, shoddy art work and inferior pressings.  Yet the recordings themselves were wonderful and deserved much better treatment than they were getting from Montilla.
An Introduction by     RAFAEL REMÓN
What little biographical information I have been able to compile is all included in the BIOGRAPHY.  The DISCOGRAPHY  is as accurate as I have been able to make it. I have no knowledge of her personal life.  I don't know if, at the time of her death, she had a husband, children, or survivors.  Regrettably,  I never had the opportunity of hearing  her live or meeting her in person.  I only know her work from recordings.  I strongly encourage any visitor to this website who has any information on DOLORES PÉREZ to share it with me so it can be added here.  Any mistakes or omissions in both the biography and the discography will be corrected as soon as they are pointed out to me.  If anyone has photographic material of any kind that they would like to share for inclusion on this site, it will be most welcomed and appreciated, as the only pictures I have of her are the two that I have published here.  I also encourage any lover of zarzuela or any fan of DOLORES PÉREZ to mount a campaign and bombard companies like SONY-BMG and EMI with e-mails demanding the proper  release of their zarzuela catalogs. (See our LINKS page)
It is my hope that this site will serve as a permanent reminder that there was once a Spanish soprano named DOLORES PÉREZ who brought much joy to many with the beauty of her voice and the intensity of her interpretations.  I don't want her to be forgotten.

Rafael Remón
Miami, 2005
Dolores Pérez
- Canción de Frou-Frou -
(Leo Bard)
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